Monday, March 23, 2009

Walking outside on My leash

Bob likes to take me on walks outside on my leash. Cats have to wear a harness in order to walk on a leash. I am so big that he had to order me one from the internet. Here are a couple of videos where we are walking. Kay moved the camera too much so we are going to try it again soon. Bob is so proud that I obey his commands. When we get into the house after our walk, he tells me "stop" so he can take my harness and leash off and I do it. We have actually had people stop and back up to be sure they are seeing a cat on a leash. It is pretty funny. When we get a good video Kay is going to put it on youtube. Who knows maybe I will become famous.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Rain Makes Me Frisky

My name is Stormy. I am a very big Maine Coon cat and I weigh 19 lbs. I am spoiled rotten but I am a very interesting animal.

Bob was going to lunch with Dr. Dalton today, so I took my baby and lay down on the coffee table with her. I will show you a photo of her. I love her very much. Whenever my humans leave me alone I will get her and take her wherever I want to keep me company. She needs a bath but my owners are afraid I won't love her anymore if they wash her so they leave her alone. When I was a tiny cat, Brianna had my baby as her toy. I loved to play with her and wrestle with her. The family thought it was so cute, that Brianna gave her to me. I am so glad she did because I don't know what I would do without her.

It hardly ever rains in Lubbock, Tx but today it did and my owner, Bob let me out on the porch for a few minutes. It was very very cold. I did not want to go explore the yard today so I ran back into the house real fast . We probably will not go for a walk outside today. He puts a harness on me and then a walking leash on and off we go. I create quite a sensation when we go out.

I was very frisky when we came in so we played a game of tag around the house. Then I had to take a very long nap. One of the things I do best is nap.